My Videos

These are my videos on youtube plz watch these videos and check out my youtube page

Soldier12’s Horror Stories: The Noise Maker Episode 1


Crank Dat Fast Forwarded (Super Fast) Version -Club Penguin

Yahh By Soulja Boy Ft. Arab

Jack Butt Episode 1:Ball Shots

Me Annoying My Dog

Three Days Grace-Never Too Late

4 responses to “My Videos

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  2. hey ain’t jack butt suppose 2 be jackass
    well that’s i think it SHOULD be instead.
    that’s just my opinion dude!
    u ain’t gotta put it , but if i was u i WOULD put it as jackass.
    no offence dude. oh & srry 4 cussing on ur web page cuz i know u just HATE it when people cuss and u can’t do nothin bout it!!!!
    ur friend or signiture ,
    Corey Mason

    P.S –
    the e-mail address is my sister’s
    just in case u would like to get in touch with her.
    by the way she is 16 , has long brown hair, sky blue eyes ,
    is tall , likes skateboarding , drawin , writting songs , singing ,
    swimming , dirt bike racing , and playing football
    she also goes to Mosley High School , she is a 10th grader , she lives in Panama City, FLorida
    so if u would like to get in touch with her just e-mail her!!!
    or reply back on this page!!!!

    L8r dude!!!

  3. hey!!
    i’d just like 2 say that u soldier12 r KA—————————UTE!!!!!!
    aka CUTE!!! ur even really HOT!!
    in a cute hot kind of way!!

    L8r CUTE BOY!!!!

    UR ONE TRUE LOVE!!!!!!
    and if u didn’t know im 14 , i go to Mowat Middle School ,
    i have brown kinda long hair , i have sky blue eyes ,
    i also live in Panama city , Florida

    if u want to meet me i’ll be in the server freezer usally i go to all the servers
    my penguin name is Lolliepop607
    i’ll be wearing the band jacket , brown hair with a pink bow in it , brown fuzzy boots , sunglasses with white liner , black electric gutair , pearl necklace , USA pin , i’ll be red , and i’ll have the background that has the surf boards.

    there u go if u would like to meet me
    of course i told u the server but there’s 1 more thing i need 2 tell u
    i’ll be either in the town , plaza , ice burg , or the dock
    the town , plaza , or the ice burg r the places that i’m mostly at!!!

    L8r soldier!!!
    ur friend ,

    U R CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. cowslife


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