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Person of the Year 2014 // Army Legend // 30th Leader of the ACP Buried by history that comes with time, there lies a scintilla of pride and dignity for the memorable years spent on the upbringing of a now nearly-forgotten army. This esoteric legacy, prompting the transpiration of the AUSIA revolution in 3 years' time, will forever rest in my heart as a vital part of my childhood. IMAF 2007-2012 Upon returning from a three-year retirement, I joined the ACP with the intention of introducing what eventually became known as the "AUSIA Division", and many rivals soon appeared to compete with ours. Yet our perseverance was unmatched, reaching an unanimous battle count of 101 victories, 1 tie, and 2 defeats by the time of my retirement on July 26th, 2014. It had been 8 months since my inauguration as leader. April 20th, 2014 was the day my name was engraved into the CPAC Legends page for my contributions to the ACP and for introducing the AUSIA community to Club Penguin warfare. I was also credited for the growth of the IMAF back in late 2009~2010, and was eventually awarded the title of SMAP/SMAC legend.

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Hey I’m SLIM!

Well I didn’t notice I was still admin… LOL

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Hello I’m a admin on this site :)

I’m slimball2007 and I’m a admin on this site!
Me and soldier known each other for a long time! 😀

So ya 😆
My site is


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