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wooooooohooooooo-by-soldier-12.giffireman-animation.gifThis is where you can ask me questions.

122 responses to “Ask Soldier 12

  1. yorky3

    hey…….soldier its me yorky from meebo…i was just wondering if i could admin on ur site…..send me a comment on or meebo and answer yes or no..oh and sorry i didnt make it to ur party i had to go to a Rangers game and my computer was frozen all day long no lie!But I heard it was great…well its 4:30 right now so ill talk to u 2morrow and i might not answer 2morrow cuz i have a team party to go to at my frends house so itll be better to send me a comment on wodpress well cya and goodnight!
    -Yorky3 A.K.A Kinkle246

  2. yorky3

    Hey its yorky again,
    oh yea i forgot…can u admin on my site plz????

  3. yorky3! you said only you and your friend were admins on ur site and no one else! and you saw the indains and rangers game?

  4. Phil

    can i be an admin on your site?

  5. Phil

    how did you get a lot of blog hits? your blog is only old as mine?

  6. yorky3

    i no i said that Gjc784……but my grends probly quit the wordpress so i guess its officially mine!!!and i really want u to be admin on my site

  7. yorky3

    o and yea i saw them play….but they lost…..o well

  8. jake

    hi soilder 12 how can i join aaa

  9. how did you put that visitor map on your wordpress…I already went to the site and got the html code but I dont know where to put it. thanks

  10. Phil

    soldier 12
    be an admin to my site
    here is my email address to
    tell my your email address
    privately…..(only if you want)

  11. Phil

    lol i forgot to put my email

  12. kittycat2

    hey i have some penguins people can have but…..i can cheatk to see if ppl have deletted them cause i have the pssword and ever thing eles so…yeah if u want them email me club.penguin.f@hotmail.comits just 2 penguins so mail me quick!!!!u wont have them soon!!!!! and if some 1 want 2 see my penguin cheat site its if u dont go to it plz tell other ppl about it plz!!!!

  13. djbriddz

    hi it is Dj briddz,
    i have just created a site and i was wondering can you send me an email helping me out.
    also can you visit my site and leave a comment on my first page at the bottom which is called “Dj briddz new site.”
    thank you soldier 12, u r the best !!!

  14. soldier why did xanfer delete his site??? and what is the laugh out loud one????/

  15. lilpenguinjp

    This comment was being mean to soldier12 so i edited it.
    Moderated by Gjmc784

  16. lilpenguinjp

    This comment is being mean to soldier12 so i edited it.
    Moderated by Gjmc784

  17. lilpenguinjp

    This comment is being mean to Soldier12 so i edited it
    Moderated by Gjmc784

  18. alexcheers

    um hi im a very big fan and i was just wondering if u can spread the word about my new blog…

  19. vasher

    heyy Its vasher go search vasher2 in Google Blogs press more and press blog put in vasher2 keppgoing down intill u see blogspot Post in there

  20. jp500

    solder can you plz put me on your blogrole i am your buddy on cp so plz put on your blogrole

  21. can we be friends????????//

  22. how do you get a mining hat?

  23. Arkonum

    sup cousin how r ya i havent talked to ya in a while i hope to see u on CP alright peace!!

    Soldier’s Comment:Hi cuz i know ill call u later:)

  24. can u tell me the best money cheat u know if u do ill let u be my freind and……….. be i my band and………. well u know……………u can b my freind and ill do somthing for u . u have 1 wish so be my freind u can find me on frostbite so plz tell me and u get ure wish bet if u ignore me…….. i will….um……….err……..oh watever plz reply and u will have a cool freind

    Jaws1. u so cool

  25. can u tell me the best money cheat u know if u do ill let u be my freind and……….. be in my band and………. well u know……………u can b my freind and ill do somthing for u . u have 1 wish so be my freind u can find me on frostbite so plz tell me and u get ure wish bet if u ignore me…….. i will….um……….err……..oh watever plz reply and u will have a cool freind

    Jaws1. u so cool

  26. soldier12

    im in blizzard right now but im leavin in 10 minutes cause i have school

  27. xShanex7

    where are you now on club penguin

  28. xShanex7

    where are you on cp

  29. hey bro its rocker3455 i was wondering if ude met me at rockhoppers ship in frostbite to search for him e mail me at to reply ttyl bro! peace

  30. i am only asking where is the new pin?

  31. Frost Maker

    how do you make a website

  32. How do you make a website?

  33. Happy77

    im Happy77.Your website is cool i like it alot.I think i should make you a ninja if you allready arent one.Just give me your password at my address

  34. arquen06

    Hey soldier 12, how do you get the thing where it tells you how many ppl are looking at your site?? i got the code and did what the instructions said but it is not working.

  35. do u have any extra member penguins??? email at

  36. hey soldier 12 whats ur email? i gotts tell you a BIG secret about club penguin…but no one sle can know unless they give me a club penguin member accoutn……………. so wahts ur email and i will tell you a BIG BIG club penguin secret or just email me when ur done reading this at

  37. sleepie pie

    hey, i was wondering, can you get cloths that arnt in the catalog? cause ive seen some people wit gost caustumes on and i really want it. thanks for listing.

  38. azaula

    hi soilder 12 umm….. i was reading the newspaper and about 7 or 8 penguins replied to aunt artic seeing a yellow puffle. can thins be possible cause i saw it myself in the forest. it was owned by an orange penguin but i couldent see the name cause he was in a croud of poeple.
    and 3 things

    1.) they dont sell yellow puffels on club penguin.
    2.) do you think its a glitch that this penguin found
    and 3.) please get back to me cause im very cirous oh and im on club penguin almost every day. server:i’ll be in wool socks
    penguin name: azaula thanks

  39. soldier 12 i wana know why do penguins like to rob stuff but the bad penguins. i saw a robbery once and the penguin got all the money so i decided to ask you what can you do in a robbery? i wana know in witch sever you connect i wana know about you. in dojo there was a war and i tryed to stop it but i couldnt they srcam out fight fight. i need you soldier 12 mambo jr007 is like my best friend. you can help club penguin

  40. Sir Jet 12 and awsomehawk34

    yo soldier 12 can we meet on club penguin leave comment on my chat room at looking firward to metting you on club penguin

  41. toxichacker

    Can you add me to your blogroll? I’m adding you on mine right now. I have more than 5,000 hits and its only my first week so I think its going to increase and it will hlp me if you added me to your blogroll

  42. have you heard or created membership???

  43. Shadow 6

    Soldier 12 how do you do the animation thing on top of this page, i been tring but i didnt do it yet, so can you help me, please respond back.

  44. Shadow 6

    o and soldier 12, i am sorry i didnt send you a card, i was, then you left, and before that, my computer froze, sorry

  45. n y princess

    hey soldier 12.. do you remember me.. i am n y princess…… i am not sure if you saw, but when chewitt was away or couldnt do his site… someone else did it……. welll…. i need you to (if you wanna) do my site when i need some help. i could do the same for you if you want…. please reply to this very soon

  46. hey person that got into an argument wit me can u get some style into ur site bc it a lazy job what u did wit ur site and plz r site snt that cool yet alone ur bud list upgrade all of this and ill be ur bud

  47. hi ppl and soldier 12 go 2 my cp cheat site its really aweosme its my first month and i only have 160 hits ahhhhhhhhh! but i like, just started using tags like, 2 days ago and now im getting like 40 viewers a day is this good for like pretty much just starting? o and my site is:

  48. how do you get your own toolbar????


  50. Nck8289

    i have a couple

    1.are you doing the 5.95 a month or the 29.95 or the59.95.

    2.can i join your site. me

    I will ask more and latter ill get a blog.

  51. NothingLV

    Hi! Can you make me for member in club penguin?
    Nick: NothingLV
    Pass: 6786357

  52. dylan

    can u make me a mebership for club penguin

  53. lordbratz


  54. pirategurl1

    wich server does rockhopper visit the most???

  55. pirategurl1

    can u make me a member if u can mail me or please and thanx u

  56. hi yo how did you find rockhopper

  57. jjjooossshhh7777777

    wheres the tracker plz tell me

  58. zitnik

    hey soldier12
    can you be an admin on my site??
    my site is
    and my email is

  59. amp123

    Can you help me find rockhopper? I realy want to be his buddy, it sounds sooo cool!

  60. amp123

    Can you tell me when Rochhopper is on, what server and what part of cp he’s on?

  61. yo can u help me find rockhoppr which server is he usually on and when what day and time
    Gjmc784: He likes to go on Shiver (from experience). He likes to han g out on the Migrator and Snow Forts.

  62. Army 1124

    Is Rockhopper your friend
    Gjmc784: He cant be your buddy like anyone else can. If you click the button to ask to be your buddy, you get a free gift.

  63. i fucking fuck cock. i think i am so cool but am really a mother fucking nerd. Sldier12 you dont suck, i do
    Gjmc784: Isnt it wonderful what you can do with comments? 🙂 lol

  64. fuck nothing. leave that to me. im the biggest nerd in the galaxy. im a cunt head!
    Gjmc784: See what you can do with comments when you ahve the ability too and its a bad comment? I just rock.

  65. popofek777

    em soldier 12 can i be your buddy. And i know some cool stuff about rockhopper and other famus penguins

  66. hey do you no how to ban penguins cuz i no someone who banned my buddy forever and i want
    to ban him hes penguin name iz tdiddy 21 hes got
    some more penguins i no one iz Pdiddy21 if you can ban him let me no ok thx o and let me no if you no how to unban so i can un ban my bubby lol thx!!!!!

  67. hi how do u make such a cool website i mean i tried to make it cool but i can never get i popular

  68. Oo7rockstar

    Hey Soldier 12. Can you put my site on your blog roll? You are on mine!!


  69. chubymcdovey

    My site is
    &herts; Chubymcdovey

  70. chubymcdovey

    i ment ♥

  71. Coolthing

    Hey Soldier 12,
    I can’t find Rockhopper, anywhere. can you help me find his hot spots.


    P.S Rockhoppers username is Rockhopper, Password is Captian. Its banned but go to how to hack and cheat on club pengeuin to find out how to get on his file.

  72. rimmy robs

    Hey Soldier i am a very big fan and i really want to be your friend! What server and time are you usally on cp?

  73. Hey soldier i met you twice. When do you want to meet on cp? Whens your next party?

  74. napoleon21

    Hey its me,Napoleon,

    What program do you use to make animations?

  75. Hey soldier it’s me!Umm…wanna be a admin on my site?Just e-mail me at also can you be on my buddy list please??!!Thanks

  76. eca

    can i meet u on club penguin plz?what server and wat time?

  77. spys

    Hi solder12! Can I be a adim or auther on this site pleas and thankyou

  78. spys

    and sorry if im advertising but I need pepole on my site pleas I need comentors and visitors im despret

  79. heyy sup soldier 12 i was wondering if you wanna be admin to my site??

    E-mail me at
    ok thx!

    and can i be 1 on your site??

  80. 50cent254cp

    Can I be on your blog roll? My blog is called please go to my site and rate it thanks u rock!

  81. 50cent254cp

    Yo soldier 12 I’m 50 cent 254 could you add me to your blog roll. I only have like 550 hits but my blog is only a week old. P.S nice header.

  82. 50cent254cp

    Oh I almost forgot my blog is called sorry

  83. hey can u like leave some pictures of u on ur web page or my e-mail address?watever one.u pick which one to leave da pics on or u can do both i would really like to know wat u look like.thanxzz!!c ya boy!

  84. hey there, i was wondering, how do you become a ninja?

  85. hey its me lolliepop!!watz up?! me nm just chillin around cp!i was just wondering wat does meebo mean and wat does it do??? so would u plz tell me soon!!i would really like 2 know wat it is!!!!Thanxzzz buddy boy aka hottie boy(u-soldier12)

  86. hi soldier12 cool site i am wiidude
    i have a question for you how do you
    get sites so popular?

  87. nolaur

    Hey Soldier, can you put me on your blogroll?
    I know its kinda sudden but I need hits BAD! 😆

  88. Alyssa

    where is Rockhopper

  89. Unbann my penguin wich is Spiderman11

    Email me at if they will unban me. It was my FIRST CLUB PENGUIN ACCOUNT

  90. aewdsa saf wefrasf adsf sdaf

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    If so please email and check out


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  93. topwater28


  94. jetfighter668

    Are you famous? If you’re famous then you’ll be added to famous lists on some CP sites.

    P.S. Go to my CP blog and invite all of your friends to my blog. here it is:


  95. All the original sources of revenue, the wages of labour, the free music downloads for itunes she pretended to claim no direct authority or jurisdiction. The

  96. can we be buddies on cp cause your soo cool!

  97. can u b my buddy im mostly in iceland im 1wh5

  98. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????were is he???????i want rockhopper??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  99. im looking for mr.Jass his first name is Hugh!GEt iT!?!?!?!Why the long face?

  100. vitals. Terrible moment. full of struggle, blackness, burning. free videos for myspace landscape in water colours, of which I had made a present to the

  101. apengbomber

    can i hav ur penguin soldier12

  102. hey nice penguin and site keep up the good work!
    please post my party invitaion to your site.

    ~coop014~ Da Real coop

  103. gangsterboy

    can u get the old pins

  104. bea


  105. hey will u add me to ur blogroll?

  106. Bryce Wharton

    Hey Soldier 12, who is Gjmc784??????

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