I Quit

I’m quitting club penguin because its getting boring to me. Anyway I will keep this site so I can post my youtube videos. Plz watch them.


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17 responses to “I Quit

  1. no!! u cant quit!! plz dont quit thats so sad im srry for u soldier12
    but WHY QUIT????????
    ill miss u alot soldier

    ur girl ,
    sexy girl16

  2. Ill still make my funny videos I just wont play clubpenguin its getting boring. Im keeping this site up for all of my videos or you can go to http://www.youtube.com/Soldier12OfCP

  3. Jr Morse 100

    Men dont quit wat will happen with your friend Solder I like your video, do videos of CP (Club Penguin) funny or ….. I dont know but dont quit :`(

  4. omg 😥 Ik everyone is quiting! Its really boring and i posted about it it makes me so sad!
    Anyways good job on this site u have done good!
    Take care soldier 😉

  5. Ill see ya around, I hope you keep your site going strong.
    Your friend,
    Ill miss ya, but everyone has to move on at some point in their life.

  6. cptag

    dude quit then wow!!!!!!!!

  7. cptag

    mohd wassup dude with that dont cry thats stupid

  8. we still chat on aim lol duh youll see me around

  9. I didnt cry lol its an emote ~_^

  10. 😥 i was yiur all timee #1 fan. Now this.

  11. myfriendjesus

    Hey Can I have ur penguin?????

    P.S. Check out my site http://www.myfriendjesus.com

  12. Army 1124

    Hey Soldier 12

    Sorry your quitting

    Can I have your penguin???
    Its my Birthday today


    Army 1124

  13. omg-everyone is quiting. i haven’t talked to u in awhile..or been here but wow. Oh,well…its still your choice. Still keep in touch-

  14. Hello! I call it this time might quit =’(
    First my site got suspended now unsuspended.
    Look at me now!
    IM banned forever =’(
    Please help!
    ~~Mohd =(

  15. What is your aim address?


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