New Series Called JackButt Funny Video

This is Soldier 12 with my new video JackButts the series comment on the video and rate 5 stars its really funny leave a comment on the video to tell us what you want us to do next week.


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9 responses to “New Series Called JackButt Funny Video

  1. would u like to enter in my contest for a free all pin penguin giveaway????

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  4. u should say like “kids dont try this at home” in the end. lolz. nice vid anyway. 😀

  5. OMFG!!!!!!!!! i would like 2 just say that u guys r sooooooooooooo X100000000000 HOTTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u guys should do ur next video with either a dancing vid , kissing vid , or an outragous , funny , hot , trampoline vid by doing really funny stunts such as
    ur pants falling down , giving each other a make over , skateboarding tricks that make u get hurt , and so on!!!!!!!
    i like funny videos that make people getting hurt!! oh and u might wanna know this about me i have long blond hair, im super skinny, im tall , i let guys touch me wherever they wish to and maybe get more than that , i like skateboarding , dirt bike racing , football , belly dancing , i just luv going skinny dipping with just abot anyone (i would love to go skinny dipping with any one of u hot shots anyday anywhere). and im 18 years old!!!!

    L8r boyz,
    ur sexy girl16

  6. Nice Video
    Thanks for sharing.

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