Planet Cazmo

planet-cazmo.pngI play another game besides club penguin called planet cazmo. This game is currently under beta testing. To join go to It is not big right now, but it will be in the future.



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16 responses to “Planet Cazmo

  1. I have one too. my name is snash wana be friends??

  2. djbriddz

    it is well good. I love it. loads of famous penguins go on it but a lot of them are fakes like chewit dude on planet cazmo.

    from your buddy , dj briddz.

  3. I have a cazmo account

  4. hey dude! Can I be on your blog roll?

    You’re on mine! you’ve actually been on mine for quiet some time now! Thanks! awesome site.

  5. Wyse

    Hey Soldier 12 are u a member

  6. Wyse

    Is it like runescape????

  7. Mr Bigman

    go to and give away a penguin at the page “Give a Penguin”.

  8. Nice i also play it 😉
    Soldier pls dont ignore my comments! lol
    comment on my site please =(

  9. Soldier what the fudge? Why did you remove me?

  10. georgieboy

    i started playing it the second day it came out!its pretty cool, im chocolateface123 and i ussuley go on beatstreet. i find it lots like club penguin

  11. cause im not an admin on your site

  12. Wyse

    Hey Soldier12 my name is wyse on pc wana be friends

  13. i have a planet cazmo its called Zellbra. wanna meet on clubpenguin? i see you have snash1338 on ur buddy list. Go to his site cuz im an admin.

  14. This game will probably be really cool as it gets bigger.

  15. Hey, I like your site. I’ll ADD YOUR SITE TO MY BLOG ROLL IF YOU ADD ME TO YOURS. My site ahs about 2,000 hits. My site has three cheats that only I know, comics, updates, and even PINBALL!!!!! My site is . Please add me!!! Please visit the site too.

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