Christmas Scarf Is Here

christmas-scarf.pngThe red and green club penguin scarf is in the ski lodge. It took longer than expected to come but it came. I think club penguin needs to be creative and make new things instead of bringing back old things.



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8 responses to “Christmas Scarf Is Here

  1. I have an idea. Soilder you should make a post telling everybody to go to club penguin support and ask club penguin to release the ninjas and snow cats (cars). Everybody is dying for the ninjas and snow cats to come out! Maybe if enough people ask cp support they will release them soon. This may be the last chance please. P.S I commented this same message on snash1338’s blog and he liked my idea so he posted it and he has like 25,000 hits. You have nearly 70,000 hits so this is a great site to comment this message on thank you.

  2. jc4x4

    For Club Penguin Video’s, Movies, Cheats and more go to! It has over 450,000 hits!

    Go to today!
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    A Jc4x4 Gamings Production!

  3. fireguy

    its at the ski village not the ski lodge

  4. fireguy

    oh and i do that too, i say ski lodge instead of ski village

  5. nice! Please comment on my site soldier!

  6. Um what time is the interview i lost the letter saying it

  7. i want to get free staff on penguin club

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