Wanna Interview On Youtube Contest

I’m having a contest on who wants me to interview. I’m doing this because many people have asked me “Can I have a interview?” Well here ya go who ever gets the 100th comment on this post gets it I will email you which time is best then we can do it.



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105 responses to “Wanna Interview On Youtube Contest

  1. Tanuki I

    Cool. I don’t want the interview, but what if someone posts 100 comments in a row to get the interview?

  2. nice day huh

    ps: i just wanna get interviewed

  3. htjackkandcp

    i’m not dying for an interview but ill take it once i get the 100th comment

  4. htjackkandcp

    htjackk rules!

  5. htjackkandcp

    ten comments

  6. htjackkandcp

    eleven comments

  7. htjackkandcp

    ill come back in an hour and see if it is at 50 comments

  8. clubpenguintrio

    hi i like pie and have a site clubpenguintrio.wordpress.com

  9. Hey! Awesome site! Can you add me to your blogroll? Even if you have requirements, you were once starting. And man, have pity! I have 1000 hits!!! After 2 months!
    PS- Here’s the link:

  10. i’m gonna try to be comment 100!!!

  11. dd2d2d84e2ed8w5438943884nfhjhdbdbnwe78e773k3n37777yyyuyuuu7we8hegvvdxgjad47dekfdhgyuer44444dhfdhd

  12. Thats why I need blogroll spots

  13. then I went to a cp anymous meeting

  14. i dont really like runescape

  15. i feel like eating a cake in the shape of a duck

  16. cake could lose but cake rules

  17. everyone thinks pie is the best

  18. but cake from coscto is the ABSOLUTE best

  19. am i almost done commenting?

  20. although lets start a new challenge

  21. my english was bad
    my spelling stinks

  22. ya i can tell ya want it youve left like a million comments

  23. Oo7rockstar

    interview me!!

  24. brb i gotta go do something but the laptop will just lay idol

  25. i know my total of one fan will miss me

  26. my fan is someone im related to

  27. but this interview might give me one!!!

  28. i can leave comment faster than u

  29. i can if your the 100th comment this is close lol

  30. mklfklglkfjgsjdfgjrtg0prtghol;


  32. word press keep tellin me to slow down

  33. you can talk the talk but time to walk the walk dude

  34. I WON!!!!!!!
    good game conman rocks and bobrjr

  35. hello everyone, i know the comp is over, any chance of there being another one soon soldier 12?

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