New December/January Catalog Cheats And Free Bells

december-january-catalogue.pngThis is a pic of the December/January Catalog these are the cheats for it:

december-catalogue-cheats-2.pngClick on the money sign of the Cash Register to get the Moose Head.

december-catalogue-cheats-3.pngClick on the middle of the Ficus Plant to get the Mullet.

december-catalogue-cheats.pngClick on the top of the Home Stereo to get the Stage Lights.

free-bells-and-coins-for-change.pngThis is a pic of the free bell you can get. Beside that there is a jar click on it and you can donate your coins to Coins For Change. I donated at least 1,000 coins on all my penguins. ~Soldier 12~



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6 responses to “New December/January Catalog Cheats And Free Bells

  1. Forgot to put the pipe organ
    click the upright piano

  2. Rakhan

    are there hidden items in the clothes catalog?

  3. I know thats a old one that I had posted earlier I was just posting the new ones.

  4. cag97

  5. Hey,
    Nice blog.
    btw, can u add me to ur blogroll?


    ~*~Graser 10~*~
    The goofy goober! :mrgreen:

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