Billybob, Gizmo, And Rsnail Mods Of CP

club-penguin-founders.jpgThis is a pic of some of the creaters of cp in real life. This is a pic of Billybob, Gizmo, and Rsnail who are some of the mods of club penguin. I got this picture from USA Today it is not fake. I posted this before but I had accidentally deleted so for some ppl this isnt new.



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26 responses to “Billybob, Gizmo, And Rsnail Mods Of CP

  1. hey can I put that picture on my site please???

  2. Tanuki I

    who’s who?

  3. Middle is Billybob and I think Gizmo left and Rsnail right.

  4. Hold on oops gizmo right rsnail left

  5. people come to my site too! we need your help!!!!

    who owns?: Noelcc, Reds Soxs, Fob1998
    why come?: i NEED more hits!
    why you ask: because!
    because?: yes!!!! because!!!!
    why do i come?: nm!!

    JUST COME!!!

  6. Tanuki I

    OK. thanks soldier!

  7. Nice site! I had always wanted to know what they looked like in real life! And they really love puffles by the looks of it too!
    Keep up the good work!
    Visit Today!

  8. EVERYONE GO TO http//

  9. shhhhhi… that billybob!!!?!no way…
    by the wway click on my name please

  10. soldier you the penguin of the week

    ^^That is a site you should go to! It is a cool site with intresting stuff about cp. I saw it the other day on google.

  12. can i take the pictrue for my own blog?? DONT WORRY!!! i will make sure that i have a work sited page for u!

    my blog is

  13. Anyone use CP trainer 2?

  14. Chewittt

    Hi Billybob is always in the antarctic server I see him there

  15. im FOB1998 noelcc is my dercter and Solder 12 is the famous and coolet penguin of the year!!!!!

  16. Could some one please tell me where i can find any mods ?

    what server are some of them on?

  17. jommi7

    frozen and go to my website and comment ur site and i will add u to my blogroll ok

  18. pikachu949

    how do i find them?(on cp)and what about aunt arctic and rockhopper?where are they?

  19. Hello if you are wondering who is who i am in the middle Gizmo on the left and Rsnail on the right

  20. bannas333

    Hi um u know how Club Penguin haves wigs well u dont have black grl hair!Wich really makes me sad & mad sooo maybe can u plz put a balck ponytail on the side or something i would really like that & i bet that alot of other ppl would 2.
    Thank you u guys r awesome!!!!!!!!

  21. cowslife

    Gizmos old and looks like the guy from House. Rsnail is looking at me strangly and Billybob is GONNA DROP THAT BLACK PUFFLE IF ISNT WATCHING OUT!!!

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