Nintendo DS Idea For Club Penguin And Responce

I emailed cp on a idea to have a club penguin on nintendo ds because it would be fun cause I have one and you can go on line with nintendo wi fi connection so it would be perfect. Here is the responce I got and notice he says the Wii to and in my email to them I just said nintendo ds. Here it is

Hey there,

Thanks for your great idea! Club Penguin on the Nintendo DS or Wii would definitely be a blast. I’ll be sure to bring this great suggestion up with the rest of our team, but I can’t guarantee anything. Make sure to check the ‘What’s New’ feature on our homepage, and read the Club Penguin Times newspaper for information on new events, items, and announcements.

Have a great day!


Club Penguin Support

It might happen if yall email so lets do it.



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16 responses to “Nintendo DS Idea For Club Penguin And Responce

  1. Hunt54321

    good job i hope it happens cause i have a DS

    Soldier’s Comment: I have 2 a regular one and a black lite one.

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  3. mattdogg

    its a good idea

  4. Art

    Thats a great idea! 😀

  5. tomtwelve

    you can play cp on your wii if you have the internet channel, but it doesn’t work that well. Still, it’s fun.

  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought of that one time, but I never thought anyone else would think of it well good job for telling them. I hope they do I would buy it. LOL!!!

  7. Bluedove2897

    I should email them
    Bluedove2897’s Tips and secrets

  8. Corvette 360

    You can already play club penguin on the wii

  9. hey everyone! I am making a newspaper, and you guys can help! you can be an advertiser (for your parties), a artist, a journalist, or a person who gives us extras (jokes, poems, etc). Please come and check it out!! also, advertise this project!

  10. Ok tell me what they say ok my e-mail is
    Make sure you put to Disney An Cp

  11. Tanuki I

    wow. that’d be awesome! i have a ds lite and a wii so it’d be great!

  12. what a blast idea soldier! Ur smart =), , pls comment!

  13. Guys. Club Penguin is getting really boring and Im tired of wasting my time posting all this new crap about Cp. It takes up my whole day. Whats the point of being famous on Cp? My time has come to an end. If I dont get 15000 hits by next wedsneday, I will surely quit my blog and you wont see me on so much. So spread the word about my site because 63 hits a day is sad. Guys Im sorry to tell you this news , but I have other things to do with my life. I dont get people who always get on Cp and try to get famous when theres no point in being famous. So get those hits before time runs out!


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  16. soldier you have made the biggest mistake no offence go to my site to find out why

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