Party Is Today

Yes im so excited the day has come for the party. Remember it will be at Frozen in my igloo at 3pm club penguin time or (pst). I will be on meebo for you to chat with me while the party is going on. I will be in my meebo chat room where the people who are at the party can come chat and for future chating with me go to remember that is where you go. I will be on almost everyday on it. I will get on cp a little bit the party has started so look around for me. I will tell you where I am when you chat with me. Then when it hits 3 we will party.



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3 responses to “Party Is Today

  1. themagicpenguinslcub

    hello i am idontbreak i made a new club called the magic penguins club aka tmpc i realy would like you to join here is the link
    and you rock!! 🙂 PLEASE JOIN THE CLUB!!!


  2. Cuitybluey1

    Ill be there i think?!

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