How To Read The Script In Other Rooms

script.pngThis is how to read the script in the theatre in other club penguin rooms.

  1. Open the script in the theatre.

  2. Click on the map and go where you want to go while the script is still up.

  3. When you get into the room you wanted the script will still be up and you can say all the things in the script and have the play anywhere.



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3 responses to “How To Read The Script In Other Rooms

  1. hey soldier
    long time no speak
    that glitch or wtvr is
    pretty cool
    please visit my site sometime!
    we miss u!
    luv beetle

  2. yo
    watex here again
    dont know if u know about my 2 parties this week, theyre on my site, just scroll down. the date/details/server are all posted

    anyhow, i’ve challenged the RPF and ACP to both parties and they’ve accepted and will come (to ‘friendly’ attack us).

    i wanna invite ur army to come ally or attack us

    and if u any other worthy armies worth coming plz tell them to come as well. it’d be real cool if some1 could record the wars too.

    signed watex

  3. fosters1537

    Very cool site. Can you please add me to your blogroll. sincerley fosters1537
    Gjmc784: He might add you. I would, but he might get mad at me since this aint my site.

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