Party Time

We are now getting over 1,000 and 2,000 hits a day!!!!!!!!!!!! Well many people have been askin me when are you gonna have a party well i’ll throw a party when we get 55,000 hits we are almost there so bring them hits on.



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3 responses to “Party Time

  1. djbriddz

    i am makin you an admin 🙂
    as you requested i am making you an administrator so you can do all the things i can do.
    i am emailing you the wordpress account and password.
    as soon as you read this delete it because i dont want a lot of people knowing , i am going to do an official post(or you can if you want.)
    from your buddy djbriddz 🙂

  2. clubpenguin555555

    please go to my site
    Go to every page and put your comment!
    I make pictures on club penguin if you want be on pictures tell me on my site!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. cool iea I’ll ask my friends and you’ll get a lot more hits! goodluck

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