Rockhopper On The Way

222222.png  Rockhopper is on the way he hasn’t been here since before the fall fair which has been a while I wonder what he will be bringing and I bet that the yellow puffle will be here Friday also i’m not sure but he may. For more info on Rockhopper CLICK HERE.



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3 responses to “Rockhopper On The Way

  1. Would you like for me to be an admin on your site? I would be glad to help! If you want to add me, go ahead and go to my site and tell me so. If not just tell me. Your a really cool penguin to know and your a really good friend! My email is !


  2. hey soldier, i told u to comment on my blog since ages and u still didnt 😦 pls comment!

  3. tanukii

    no. the yellow puffle probably wont come cuz it was spotted in cp, not rockhopper island.

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