Mission 5 Sneek Peek

Here is a sneek peek of the new mission coming up.



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6 responses to “Mission 5 Sneek Peek

  1. mattdogg

    hey there is sumthin in the news paper in scret code can u read it cuz i cant

  2. nickjonas'girl

    i can i no wat it says!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. cool! Check my blog and pls comment, cya!

  4. iforgotyournametoo


  5. Mandy

    the secret message says ” Get ready to discover the secret of the fur.
    P.S This information is top secret keep what you know to yourself.
    P.S.S this message will self destruct.”

  6. mattdogg

    well wat does it say

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