Contest Results You Pick

Here are some of the people who entered my contest you pick who has the best costume.


mariusz.jpgMarius Z

conman-rocks.pngConman Rocks

 costume-21.pngAllstar 25

 Leave a comment on who you want to win!!!!!!!!!



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10 responses to “Contest Results You Pick

  1. frosty1297

    allstar 25

  2. allstar looks kool(not a vote)

  3. ya you look cool tooo p.s. ppl ogo1234 is ogo100 on wordpress

  4. yay! thx york!

    Ogojo100= 0g01234 or 0g01234= ogojoe100

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  6. Nice costumes. Im gonna say Allstar 25. (Sorry Conman)

  7. OMG I WON! Thanks guys for voting 🙂

  8. sorrry ogo. no harsh feelings THANKS TO ALL MY CONTENDERS

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