Another Ninja Shadow

shadow.PNGshadow-2.PNGWell I was in the town and somebody yelled ninja shadow so i already knew about the one in lighthouse cause i’d posted it a while back and then I found this one in the ski lodge. Im also showing the other pic too.



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7 responses to “Another Ninja Shadow

  1. Toxic

    Yeah I think there this is going to be Ninja November

  2. can u give me a free membership

  3. uggawah

    Lol funny Ninja November that would be cool though! Lol go to my site please! Thanks 🙂

  4. hey its snash1338 if u dont remember me you left some comments on my site i was just wondering if you want to be my buddy if you do (which i would like) go to my site and leave a comment under “if you want to meet me” ok thanks.

  5. Hey yall check out my wordpress i am a member of club penguin check out my page!


  6. Kinkle 246


  7. there is another one if you look more closely on the mountain.

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