New Cargo In Gift Shop

cargo.PNG This is a pic of the gift shop and the cargo that has just been placed idk when cause I got on before school and it wasnt here and now it is intresting!!!! Probably more haloween items or somethin else. What do you think it is?



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12 responses to “New Cargo In Gift Shop

  1. i think its either more halloween costumes, which i hope it is or that new way to decorate your penguin which starts next friday! awesome.

  2. Yeah that probaly it because a last year they put up more costumes in the catoulge

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  4. Doesnt anyone read the entire newspaper? Or Billbobs new posts? Its explained in the newspaper.
    Man this is so sad.

  5. redp4me

    Its probaly somthin 4 that Halloween party soon!

  6. What I was just saying

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  8. ventnorcheats

    I know what is is!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE NEW WAY TO DECORATE YOUR PENGUIN IS PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ya dude your totaly right!

  10. Ya dude,your probly right.$$$!@#$#%%#^%&^**)(*$$$$$

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