My Costume Contest

Hi penguins its soldier 12 im going to have a costume contest. Send me a pic of your penguin or player card and ill choose from 15 costumes the top 5 then I will post the top 5 and let you vote. Email me the pics at  The prize will be 200,000 coins. The deal is whoever wins will give me their pass and ill give em coins and I wont bann you cause I already have penguins i dont need yours.



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9 responses to “My Costume Contest

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  2. fanocp

    cool contest xd
    sorry l cant advertise ur contest on my blog
    people ask me to ad alot and everyone would ask if i did.
    but cool costume idea , can u post all pictures so we can see em? 😀

  3. yes i will be choosing 5 then yalll get to choose

  4. i sent you an email soldier. did you get my pic or not

  5. no i didnt i only have 1 u can email me or give a url

  6. ill enter ill send an email soon(ill be using billyjjoe’s penguin)

  7. Longhornz5

    How do u take a pic cause i want to enter

  8. you press prnt scrn on your keyboard then go to paint and press paste and then press the dotted line at the side and cut the part you want and press copy then press file then new then paste and it will have the pick then save it and send it too me.

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