What Rare Haloween Item?

What rare haloween item would you like to come back there is many ghost costume, black cape, clown costume and more. Leave a comment on what you would like remember this Friday its coming.



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7 responses to “What Rare Haloween Item?

  1. lordpedro

    totaly the black cape!

  2. Penny3532

    ghost costume!

  3. frosty733

    gost costume is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. um……it would be cool if they added a new color and the pimpkin costume ( would bve knew )

  5. aswewqadefre

    i want all of them

  6. Toxic

    Clown costume all the way! Maybe even the superhero mask. The clown juggles and guess what? CLOWNS ARE WAY MORE SCARIER THEN YOUR LITTLE GHOSTS! Come on. How can they be happy ALL the time? They might be eating people 😯 aaaaah!

  7. lordpedro

    plkease be my friend on club penguin ill be on frozen

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