Club Penguin Is Not About Fame

Im tired of people goin around sayin if u aint famous or if u dont have that item i wont be your friend well that is just wrong. My friend came up to me the other day and said that he wasnt famous and was all sad. Club Penguin is about having fun sure it is fun having rare friends and telling others but dont stress if u are not “famous” but just have fun and hang out with you friends. This may not go to all people cause some people might wanna be famous heck I like having fans too but dont lose the meaning of Club Penguin.



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10 responses to “Club Penguin Is Not About Fame

  1. frosty1297

    thats what ive been telling ppl, its just not fair

  2. i know some ppl are the coolest ppl then when ppl see non members they say no to ppl LOL I SAID PPL ALOT

  3. Sky

    i so agree like members always say LOL NON MEM BUTT to me it sucks

  4. FINALLY! Thats what I have been saying. Sure it IS fun to have some fans. Soldier I couldnt agree more!!!!!! Hey how long ahve you been on CP?

  5. yea I like having fans but some just want me to make them members but I just tell no and most of them are ok with it and yea I have fun in cp but there adding new items instead of old like they used to and I don`t even think the parite belt isn`t coming back 😦

  6. Toxic

    Yeah. I’ve seen someone write about this. They said that club penguin was fun back in the days but someone decided to make it into a popularity contest and everyone is in the competition. Can you e-mail me here I want to talk to you on cp sometime but I don’t want to reveal my member penguin in front of everyone. Only fano,mohd222 and someone else know. I just want to talk without getting banned

  7. Mister Yoda

    Rubbish! Fame is everything!

  8. overload98

    i agree to this guy comes over to my friend and says he is famous and my friend ditchs me and gose wit him

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