Fall Fair Glitch Video

This is a video for those who wanna know the fall fair ticket glitch and for some who have trouble making tickets.



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5 responses to “Fall Fair Glitch Video

  1. iforgotyounametoo

    it didnt work that well 4 me

  2. hey soldier 12, well pls go to my blog and check my 5000 hits party, i hope u will come, check the info and comment if u can come , thxs for adding me, waddle on =)!
    mohd 222

  3. joey

    omg nice i did it
    only got 354 tickets tho

  4. hey im kornareso nice site and i was wondering if you could put my site on your blogroll please.

  5. Phil

    hi soldier this is shrinee
    i havent been on because i cant
    nice glitch but im sure youre not
    the one who discovered it 😛

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