New Pin And Igloo Catalogue Section

paddle-ball-pin.PNG Here is a pic of the paddle ball pin it is in the snow forts and there is a little section in the igloo catalogue with fall fair theme stuff.



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5 responses to “New Pin And Igloo Catalogue Section

  1. Everyone email

  2. hey Im sorry bout being sort of mean that time but my friend got me really mad cause he did like 2 or 3 sick and annoying pranks on me and I got on cp and I was thinking of who to remove so I have more room for more buddys and I was gonna ask u but u to be romoved but be buddys but not added each other but we can add each other if u want

  3. hey darkever64, its gjmc784. was ur penguin banned forever? cause I havent seen you on since you became my buddy.

  4. well was it funky jones?cause I was pretty sure I had u on it and now ur not!

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