What Billybob Said

New Prizes!!

Hello Penguins!

We hope you’re all enjoying the Fall Fair! It is great to hear about your favorite games, favorite decorations, and new ideas for the next one! Some of you have worked so hard that you’ve already got all the prizes, so we have decided to add even more today! Be sure to check out the Prize Booth to see them!

In other news: We still have a lot of work to do, but I have to say that October is going to be huge! It all starts next week with the biggest clothing catalog of the year, the Costume Catalog! We’re bringing back some old favorites and adding some new ones! There will also be a brand new way to decorate your penguin! But I can’t say any more right now…

Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Team

Posted by Billybob at 10:51 AM

This will be awesome he said that this will be the biggest clothing catgalogue ever so im pumped!!!



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5 responses to “What Billybob Said

  1. dude I removed u (or u did) cause we don`t even chat or talk on cp and u don`t even say hi or anything to me so I need room for other penguins that want to be my buddys

  2. sorry bout that but I was mad at one of my friends

  3. mattdogg


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