Camp Penguin Is Here

yuck.pngcp2.png   camp-penguin-2.png  Camp Penguin is pretty cool not the best party but ok here are some pics. The picture on the most right is the new free item a dang marshmalow stick which is in the cove .



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6 responses to “Camp Penguin Is Here

  1. dude can u come to my party today?

  2. mattdogg

    toga toga toga WOOOOOOOT

  3. Hi soldier. I was wondering if you want to be a mod in my chatbox…. you see, I have quite a few mods but they arent so good. since they feel special, they bann people for no reason, and its making me crazy. I know you and ogo are good responsible mods. So can you please be a mod in my latest chatbox? please respond back to this in my email which is thank u.

  4. mr2010

    Mr 2010 srry for using ur pic wont happen again

  5. fffjjj

    my name is freddy 106
    WHERE:my igloo
    DAY:august 31,2007
    TIME: 3:00 cp time

  6. Im Oo7rockstar if you have heard of him!!!

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