Funny Picture

funny-club-penguin-picture.png Look at this funny picture I just made its funny to me!!!! 🙂



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19 responses to “Funny Picture

  1. Gesert

    LOL SOLDIER! I never woulda thought of that. good catch. did u see it, or did somebody else give u the idea?

    Soldier’s Comment: No I was lookin at me dancin and i thought ut would be funny :l0l:

  2. LOL
    can u add me to your blogroll?
    my site is
    if u add me ill add you to my blogroll and best sites list

  3. some dood name mr 30210 copied my pic and changed my name on his 👿

  4. arquen06

    funny 😛

  5. Yo I saw that… he’s a noob he posted it RIGHT AFTER YOU DID.

  6. ™XäÑfËr™


  7. mattdogg

    lol that makes me gotta go peee

  8. lol u need more funny pix!! but that is an orignal!! peace out boy scouts! oh ps who likes cheez

  9. that is yuk that pic but fuuny 🙂

  10. rrrg maties send ur pass and username to the first account user on club penguin and his wilith give u 2000000 cash luckly mates i know it its !!!

    TIP: He might give u a a free membership send now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Send your password and username on clubpenguin

    To the first clubpenguins account and he will give u 100,000,000cash luackely i know his e-mail



  12. OMFG!!!!!thatz soo funny!!that makes u a really clever,smart,funny and so on guy!!!!!
    L8r ,soldier12
    ur friend ,

  13. Karen

    Ive seen loads of these.I saw on another site that you go to the mine shack,stand where its wet and say i couldn’t hold it.

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