Penguin Tracker

Penguins Everywhere look at this you cant track penguins like me or rockhopper or other famous penguins its really cool i tried it but if  its over a hour or more when theyve been on it will say penguin not found i found me lol anyway i found rockhopper too the url is everyone go to it its really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Really Cool!!!!                  It doesn’t work anymore.



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12 responses to “Penguin Tracker

  1. omg im flippin banned plz help unbann me

  2. Kinkle 246

    save that in ur bloggroll

  3. iforgotyournametoo

    i found you

  4. steven802

    I can’t scroll down and it doesn’t fit my screen?!?

  5. i cant move down ethier

  6. pakstnboy [cp name]

    can u unbann my account? email me and ill email u back the user and pass at

  7. Bob

    It works type rockhopper or guy9fe it still works

  8. eljakeo

    It Dont Work Anymore

  9. benbux7

    i am so mad because i used it to find rockhopper a while ago!

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