Rockhopper Is Back And More

aaaaef.png There is the pic of the new items rockhopper brought click to enlarge it. And look at this pic boxes.png It says that watever these boxes are Rockhopper will not let us open it untill fall im very curious. And there is a new igloo catalogue and furniture items so chaeck that out too designed for campin.



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10 responses to “Rockhopper Is Back And More

  1. xShanex7

    can you meet me on canada wool socks please
    soldier 12 m xshanex7

  2. please tell me wich sever where and what time can i see rockhopper please i have never seen him on clubpenguin before. from beriozad

  3. shishkabib

    oooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk BOOB

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  5. please tell me what rock hopper looks like i have never seen him before.

    From RonyRox.

  6. Where is he??????????Tell my pls a have to know

  7. Archie

    wheres ROCKHOPPER?

  8. rockhopper where are you?

  9. Wait a seckndddd!!! U know how they said a bbig change to the gift shop(ski shop) maybe that the change!

  10. Megamike

    i met rockhopper on his last visit a few weeks ago i saw him on his ship then at the pizza parlor!!! well incase u wanna see him he is red, with a huge hat and aa beard! 😈 🙂 :O

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