A Invisible Glitch

invisible.png This is a invisible glitch see chargers2133 is invisible.



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11 responses to “A Invisible Glitch

  1. iforgotyournametoo

    i dont think thats really a glitch i think its a problem cause myponyinblue (thats her cp name) did the same thing except she was on the other side of the room too

  2. hey when did u become a member and if you check your buddy list you have my penguin on funky jones

  3. ™XäÑfËr™

    yea its more of a bug.

  4. soldier12

    well sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry

  5. Kinkle 246

    i saw one of them 2

  6. hey I put you on my blogroll would you please put me on your blogroll?


  7. Oma Els

    It’s a hack! Do you don’t know that? It’s a hacker!!

  8. flexfuel124

    Yeah I saw someone like that too and Solider12 remeber Flex Fuel124 it’s me!Well Flex Fuel124 is BANNED FOREVER but we are fighting to unban my penguin so if anyone wants to help e-mail cp or leave comments on any post on this site http://www.flexfuel124.wordpress.com sorry about sayiing my site Solider12

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