New Chat Box

I made a chat box that I hope yall like



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31 responses to “New Chat Box

  1. hey we should get new clubpenguin puffles

  2. Okay,this site is filled with amazing cheats for the site ClubPenguin!It’s just amazing!And well challenged for my own eyes!My eyes can’t even believe these cheats,glitches,and more more cheats!Cheating,I was born a cheater!I love cheats for any site!Any site published,it has to be a kids’ site,though!ClubPenguin,is so a Kids’ site!If you wait in October,and wait fro the 7th,there’ll be a new ClubPenguin Cheats and Glitches site!I’m making my own!And all my cheats and glitches,are real and can truely be used!That site is:www.Glitches and
    Hope you come to my site!

  3. very cool site! wats better xatech or bribble?

    btw can u add me to ur blogroll?


  4. you can play just like club penguin.and if have any question please email me.

  5. hey soldier12, wat server do u always go on??cuz maybe (when we’re both on) we could be friends.can i ask u something really quick?well if u said yes,
    how old r u?and r u a boy or girl??well im a girl and im 16.plz w/b (write back) plz thanxzz

  6. the other thing i wanted to tell u was im going to be in the server marsmellow,i will be wearing a black hoodie jacket,brown hair with a pink bow,black dress shoes,black electric gutiar,my background is a football feild,my pin is the usa pin,i will be black,and im usally at the ice burg , the dock ,and or the town.i hope ill c u on!!l8r

  7. the other thing i wanted to tell u was im going to be in the server marsmellow,i will be black,and im usally at the ice burg , the dock ,and or the town.i hope ill c u on!!l8r

  8. hey watz up ?! its me lolliepop607 just wanted to say hi so hey!and by the way AWSOME website!!! it roxz!and its way better than any other website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IT ROXZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    l8r,ur friend,

  9. Lolliepop607 i think you are a retard and why do you LOVE soldier so mush you are such a guy wad

    if you want to meet me i get on the server rainbow my name is taylyndsay and i will be on at 4:30 monday hope to see you there so that i can critisize you !!!!!!!!!!!



  11. yeah well i dont luv soldier that much i just would like 2 meet him 1 day so we could become friends on cp.Oh & 1 more thing u should know bout me ok well here it is (hope it screws u up taylyndsay!!!!!)
    im sexy im cute im popular 2 boot im bitchin’ great hair the boy all luv 2 stare im wanted im hot im everything ur not im pretty im kewl i donate this page who am i ? just guess guys wanna touch my chest im rockin’ i smile and many think im vile im flyin’ i jump u can look but dont u hump Whoo! im major i roar i swear im not a whore i cheer and i lead i act like im on speed
    hate me cuz im beautiful well i dont like u either im a cheerleader i am a cheerleader roll call ….Lolliepop!!!!! im still lolliepop i sizzle i scorch
    im perky im fun and now im #1 L-L-L-Lolliepop im strong & im loud im gonna make u proud im L-L-L-Lolliepop ur girl Lolliepop lets go penguins!!!!
    im the penguin the mighty mighty penguin im so terrific i must be Lolliepop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    there u go!! o and by the way taylyndsay ur a motherF****** B****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    srry soldier12 bout all this but she or should i say “IT” is annoying freak!!!!!!!!

  12. cmon’ taylyndsay!!! wat r SCARED????????
    if u r well then u suck!!!!! srry soldier12 bout dis i hope i meet u 1 day soon soldier12!!!! well i g2g
    ur girl, Lolliepop607
    *_ )

  13. cmon taylynsay!!! wat is it??u too SCARED to show up?!?!?!?!
    im WAITING!!!! L8r freak!
    l8r soldier12,

  14. well if ur really board now well then take this quiz 4 fun!!!

    *wats ur favorite color?
    mine is red,black,orange,lime green,&purple
    *r u single or taken?
    me im single!
    *how old r u?
    me im only 14
    *whens ur birthday?
    mine is Nov. 3rd
    *have u ever been kissed?
    me not yet
    *r u board?
    me not at all!
    *does someone think ur funnylicious?
    me idk
    *have u ever drank under age?
    me yes but i was only tasting it(champane,butter scott rum,and wine)
    *r u going to finish this quiz?
    *wats ur favorite song?
    umm low by flo rider,soulja boy, and anything by likin park
    *whos ur favorite singer?
    umm sean kingston,50cent,eminem,3 days grace, and likin park
    *wat do u want to be when u grow up?
    i wanna be a professional skateboarder,dog trainer, and a singer
    *do u sing for fun?
    well duh! who doesn’t
    *wat r u doing right now?
    im singing and typing this qiuz for u people
    *do u like pizza?
    yeah, i luv pizza its my #1 fav!
    *wats ur favorite movie?
    umm oxygen, last holiday, ghost rider, and wild hogs
    *how many siblings do u have?
    i have 2
    *how old r they?
    1 sister(26) & 1 brother(30)
    *r u annoyed by something?
    no, not really

    ok so after u take this quiz just copy the questions and fill in the answers by u
    and then post it on this web pahge where i have now posted this qiuz on.
    well i hope u like the qiuz i made!oh and by the way i will be making a quiz just about every month for u people to take and post ur answers on here!
    L8r ur friend,
    plz comment back with ur answers!!!!1

  15. hey it’s me again. i really dont feel like my normal self today u wanna know why?? well i’m goin 2 tell u anyways
    ok well last night i found out that my friend camden (he’s only 10 years old) sneeked out of his house at 2:00 in the morning and started a HUGE FIRE behind a breakfast place that’s called the walffle shop (he lives right by it) and the cops came to his house and brought him home at 2:30 (still in the morning) and the the day after that his parents caught him SMOKING!!!!!!!!
    this is the 1st time he has EVER done this. I think wats causing him to do these AWFUL thing is that he’s hanging out with some teenage boy (he’s 14)
    and i think that that boy is talking camden into really BAD things. I hope in the future he will STOP DOING THESE HORRID HABITS AND GET BACK TO THE REAL LIFE!!! To tell u the truth i realy am worried about him. He used to be a really funny , brave , and a REALLY GREAT friend to others around him and an awsome lovable little boy to his family.
    But if u want to try and TALK him OUT OF THESE STUPID THINGS he’s doing and BRING BACK THE TRUE FRIEND HE USED TO BE TO ME but now he’s just a plain STUPID MORON to everyone around him
    PLEASE CALL HIM AT : (850)265-4192
    or if u want to go see him at his house he lives on Liddin PL (that’s the street name) his dad drive a green van and a white car (idk wat kind of car)
    I hope that he doesn’t start DRINKING , now that would just ruin our friendship but the things he’s done already is making me want to break our friendship. He’s not my boyfriend or anything like that , cuz if he was my boyfriend he would TOTALLY be WAY TOO YOUNG for me.
    I’m just a 14 years old middle school girl. ok well i’m sure this is all i have to say but if i forget anything i will put it on here for all to see.
    TTFN (Ta TA For Now) ur friend ,

    here’s a little something that i say to ALL of my friends and family

    A True Friend Is One Who Walks In When The Rest Of The World
    Walks Out!!!


    Today Is A Gift ,
    That’s Why WE Call It
    A Present!!!!


    (i know it’s a werid , bazzar kind of name but wat can we do in life??)

  16. heyy i forgot to tell u people or watever u are bout the part where u go to his house or watever ok well here it is!!
    he live’s in Panama City , FLorida
    he has light / dark brown hair not really long but not really short it’s kinda in between. Here’s another thing he has a REALLY HUGE family
    such as :
    2 sisters 1 named cassie (6) and the other named carrie (4)
    2 brothers 1 named carter(2) and 1 named jesse (14) ( i dated him for like a month but we broke up and moved on)
    his mother’s name is wendy and his father’s is johnny or his nickname john
    camden and all of the people listed above their last name is Long
    i’m feeling a little bit more better today but yesterday was just about the CRAZY , AWFUL , WORST , DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well i g2g


  17. EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE SAID (the one above and the other one above it) ARE ALL TRUE!!!!!!!!
    I PROMISE soldier12

  18. heyy
    it’z me
    im on cp now im on the server freezer
    my igloo is usally on the map

  19. heyy!!
    watz up?!?!? i really miss chating on here but the thing is NO ONE IS TALKING!!!!
    anyway . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    does anyone have to do FCAT this week & next week ?????
    cuz i do!!!


  20. heyy i have a question for everyone
    ok well here it is

    Why Am I The Only One Talking On This Web Page????????????


  22. hey guyz are you tired of being a non-member penguin if you want to be a member just register in this full link last time i register in this link and i was shock my penguin is a member………….remember just register in this link

  23. heyy im looking at ur site right now cuz im board . . .
    did u get my e-mail soldier12??
    k well i’ll c ya l8r!!!

  24. heyy
    im like SUPER, EXTREMELY BOARD right now !!!!!!!
    cuz i have like NOTHING 2 do . . . . and im the ONLY 1 at my house. my dad & his mom went 2 our trailor up in GA and my mom works like SUPER late . . . like until 10:30pm
    late (i live in FLorida). and so ummmm yeah ! okay well i guess i’ll go. Bye Soldier12!!
    ilu ( i love u)(as a friend)!!!!!!
    ur #1 gurl,

    Boo – yah!!!
    brown chicken , brown cow !!!!! 😛

    XD XP

  25. heyy i know i haven’t b33n (been) on in like 4ever but heyy at least i still look @ this web page. . . anyway since i’ve b33n single 4 like 4ever i’ve finally got somebody to STAY by my side 4 maybe the whole summer. his name is brandon he’s exactly like me!!and he lives right next door to 1 of my YOUNGER friends (she’s like 10 i think . . . : – $ idk) well thats my good news 2 tell u!!!
    as always ,
    lolliepop607 (stacey)

    Peace Out!!!!!

    P.S- brandon is NOW my boyfriend but i can still chat wit u!!!
    tommorrows the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL (4 me at least)!!!!!! i do and i dont wont school 2 be out , i do cuz i get to hang out wit friends sleep late spend time wit my boyfriend and stay up super late playin cp or somethin’ like dat & i dont cuz ill be EXTREMELY BOARD and have nothin to do cuz i stay home by myself with no1 to torture and brake their body so that their bones would stick out of their flesh with all that sizzling popping blood that flows out as their brain dies slowly and afterwards i would take a chainsaw and cut their skull open to let the blood flow as fast as it could without any1 knowing wat was happening . . . . whenever i get done doing that ill take the scraps and feed it to the enormous sharks that have blood flowing from their mouths!!!!! im kidding every1 i wouldnt actually do that unless some1 really f***** up my life and hurted me like really really really bad !!!?!?!? but i’d probabaly wont do anything . . . im really a nice fun hilarious talkative/quiet kind of girl soo yeah o i g2g


  26. Umm hi! Yeah uhh i am like so bored… Anyway- Come on people talk! U guys are so quiet! uhhhhhhh! yeah- i am gunna go now.. okay.

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