Concons Party

party.pngconcons-party.png    These are pics of the party concon threw.



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2 responses to “Concons Party

  1. i luved the party, but look what billybob posted:(
    One last thing about my warning. It is more than just pictures. It’s what armies are doing to Club Penguin. People on this website for example, are using bad language which could get them banned and spread to Club Penguin. It already is. It’s also that people are spreading hacks onto Club Penguin and cheating as well. We’ve stopped hacks a long time ago but want to stop people from finding new hacks. It’s not just this blog. It’s other blogs such as or
    As for pictures, it isn’t Disney thats doing this. It’s both our policy of a safe environment for children and our trademark which we want to keep. Having pictures still up violates our trademark.

    As a result our team is going to put up warnings soon and not responding to them could be dangerous. I’m putting up less demanding warnings in order to help keep your team in tact. Getting rid of all Club Penguin pictures and preventing anyone from using bad language could persuade the team to still allow blog about Club Penguin. The Club Penguin team started their search from your links and found so many wordpress blogs all of which will soon get the same warnings. My advise is to do this before they spread their demands.

    Plagiarism: copying without permission(it’s illegal).
    Incarceration: Being put in jail or juvenile hall.
    These are just some things you should remember.

    Until then… Waddle on!

    -Billybob dosent that suk!

    ps:i got this from cyclone999’s site

  2. soldier12

    its not true york0910 my friend called cp and they said it was a lie

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