5000 Hits!!!!!!

   Its concon54 i am having a 5,000   hits party!        when: august 3rd    where:my igloo  server:sabratooth    Time:9:00 am pst



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3 responses to “5000 Hits!!!!!!

  1. texasbig

    hey dude come on cant you give a man a break plz accept my friend request. Its me texasbig you have been to my website before and you know me so why did you say no thank you. So please answer this question at http//texasbig.wordpress.com.


  2. texasbig

    thanx man u rock to just come up to me and to see comp7 and me. I just want to thank you for accepting me on your friends list but if you want to take me off eventually then just tell me ok.


  3. YouDontNeedToKnowMyName


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