This Penguin Tricks You

brutus-y.png This penguin Brutus Y I have seen five times today in different servers he says follow me to Rockhopper and he takes u somewhere and leaves and when it happend first the cove was full cause he took ppl there and they all put the mad faces sp dont listen to him just to warn you.


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9 responses to “This Penguin Tricks You

  1. I was at the cove and he said that rockhopper was in your heart and i reported him

  2. iquchan

    but where is rockhopper plz tell me where is rockhopper today

  3. hannah

    where is rockhopper i really need to know cause i have never seen him and i need to see somin

  4. theriteone

    umm yeah alot of people do that there like ” yeah go to the cove and you will see rockhopper ” and im all like holy shit rockhopper could be in some total different sever rite now chillin with other penguins and there they still go on and on about how hes at the cove . oh and betta fan why would you delete someone for saying rockhopper is in your heart cause it is kinda true cause you want to see him so bad and all that stuff so it is like pretty much everyone penguin loves him and love comes from the heart so rockhopper is in your heart

  5. daddeesgurl1

    yea where is rockhopper i need to know please!!!!!!!!

  6. wmsdancer123

    ok so this guy brutus Y just made a video and i was in it hehehehe he sed he’d play it at the halloween party but i dont see how that works….

  7. miss tipsy/ son of matthew

    hi ppls. my penguin name is sonofmatthew. im on rite now. on the server beanie. its in the australian flag. and im a girl. im a member so meet me in my house rite now! its 6:50 club penguin time. hope to see ya!

  8. miss tipsy/ son of matthew

    oh and the australian flag is the farthest to the right. in case u didnt know.

    p.s. my email is if anyone wants to email me and schedule a time to meet on club penguin.

  9. lilly154


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