I Just Found Rockhopper

untitled.jpgrockhopper-2.jpgrockhopper1.jpg   I just found rockhopper in half pipe but he just went to mammoth. He now gives a backgound instead of a eyepatch.



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10 responses to “I Just Found Rockhopper

  1. slimball2007

    cool i want 1

  2. how do u find him

    plz reply : )

    Editors:Comment:Look around im sure u will see him walkin

  3. theshadowgang

    i saw rockhopper hes awesome

  4. Kez

    he could be anywhere¬!

  5. that stinks i want the eye patch

  6. dejona9020

    i saw him but i did not talk to him how do i fine him again

  7. yorky3

    its yorky3 how do u send an editers comment??reply at http://www.yorky3.wordpress.com

  8. I really want to meet Rockhopper i can’t find him. I really want the Rockhopper backround all my friends have the backround. His ship is going to leave soon so……I really want it.

  9. Ye penguins want to meet me ay? Well me favorite places to be is cove, ice berg, dance club,and me ship. One of me favorite serves is mammoth me also like servers in USA da fist page on da left. So just look for me. bye y penguins see yein club penguin

  10. Mini Me 5678

    what is ure av surver

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