We need RBS Recruits

The RBS needs more people in it and I am drafting people. Fill out this form and you will get a spot.

CP name:

Status(member or non member):

Are you in any other armies:

What position would you like:


**positions are auto runner, soldiers,  snippers,and nurses**

Sorry but Spy Position is full.



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7 responses to “We need RBS Recruits

  1. Cp name: Pinkeywanie
    Status: Non-member
    Position: Nurse
    Cause I feel like it…

  2. are u in any other armies?

  3. Harley 23

    Cp name: Harley 23
    Status: Member
    Position: Spy
    Why: I am the master of disguise on Cp and I like doing that kind of work
    Not in any other armies

  4. ok u are in. both of u.

  5. soldier12

    Cp Name:Soldier 12
    I dont have another army
    Position:Spy or Sniper
    Why:I quit my old army for this one

  6. Ogo1234
    status member(turning non member 8/4)
    Pos: Sniper
    why: bored 😛

  7. EVERYONE ITS SNIPPER NOT SNIPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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