New Pin

new-pin.jpg  This is the new pin in the pizza parlor.



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6 responses to “New Pin

  1. I go on this website every day it is sooooooooo cool but when is the new spy mission i neeeeeeeeeeeeed to know!!!!

  2. AngelSweety1

    well can u tell all of us when and where the next new pin is going to be? ‘cuz i wanna have it before its gone. o ya this is my penguin name. thx!-AgelSweety1

  3. charlie

    old old old

  4. i have this pin already.
    i found it when i 1st started Club Penguin and the funny thing about it is that
    u can find it in the pizza parlor WELL that’s the EXACT SPOT where i found it!!!!
    i started Club Penguin when it was June i can’t remember the exact date but i can remember the year and the year was 2007 which was ONLY A YEAR AGO!!! but the thing that REALLY SUCKS RIGHT NOW is that my computer is SOOOOOO SLOW that i can ONLY stay in ONE ROOM!!!!
    cuz of some stupid reason (i have no idea why)


    ur friend,

  5. Wow,This comment body is SO BIG!
    oh I found the pin on June the 6th!

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