Palmedog’s Party

Palmedog will have a party tomorrow at the server crunch at the dock 12:00pm clubpenguin time at the dock.



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14 responses to “Palmedog’s Party

  1. penguin1ninja

    ill TRY too be there

  2. gesert1

    There is also a party today at 2:30 PST (5:30 EST) on the Canadian server wool socks at the cove. We r supposed to wear the color peach, green sunglasses, and the lei. I will be there man u all should come!

  3. soldier12

    gesert whose party ill come

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  5. where is the server which country?

  6. palmedog

    its on the UK country

  7. soldier12

    i might not make it im goin swimming

  8. U Rock!

    Can you please addme 2 ur blogroll?

  9. mrjt97

    its over right?

    Editor’s Comment:Duh

  10. leslee bender

    Ill be there

  11. soldier12

    its over

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