fireworks.jpg                                                  July 4th Fireworks       Animations by                                                         There are fireworks in iceburg and on top of the mountains.



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19 responses to “Fireworks


  2. soldier12

    i know there cool

  3. I think that you might be suprised but… guess wht!
    My mom’s b-day is on july 4!
    They also repeated this firework thingy again but yet! I love to see it again!

  4. They are so cool but why are they there??????????

  5. theshadowgang

    meet me at ther server snow bank my igloo on the map at like now

  6. theshadowgang

    igloo is on the map

  7. theshadowgang

    wat is your penguin

  8. theshadowgang

    wats ur penguins name

  9. theshadowgang

    comment on my site wen u want to go on club penguin on my new page be my buddie which will start soon but will be ready soon

  10. theshadowgang

    r u still on the server bigfoot cuz if you are then comment me at the Be my buddie page

  11. theshadowgang

    i am back sorry i was shoping. lets go to my chat page

  12. Haley

    COOL!!!!!!!!!!!I DID NOT THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  13. iforgotyournametoo

    i think the fireworks r for the 4th of july

  14. palmedog

    hey soldier can u put my blog on your blogroll?

  15. soldier12

    wat is your site

  16. ill meet you name penguin`s name is Tof Boy

  17. the animation is awesome

  18. coollegs307

    meet my at my igloo at 500 oclock pm pt time

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