The Cave Leak

crab2.jpg    crab1.jpgIf you wait a while in the cave a crab will hit the glass and break it….. it starts a leak.



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12 responses to “The Cave Leak

  1. pavin

    so how do u even know about that. any way i have stayeed in the cave for a long time and nothing happend so u were wrong or i just doesnt do it any more.

  2. soldier12

    it does work ill take a another pic of it to prove it

  3. ha ha

    it does work i hav seen it!

  4. Italiangal42

    it does work. im scared. what will happen 2 CP?

  5. dylan9898

    what happens when its cracks dose it really flood?

  6. chelchel

    yeah dose it flood cp and will cp liek go under water , that would be cool :p

  7. adude

    the window will break but its not a cave its a pool!

  8. amaan

    I think they’ll fail to repair it and it might leak or get drained smhow.

  9. i want there to be a fllofd

  10. poppyfizz

    How do I get it to leak?It doesn’t work for me.
    I must be doing it wrong!!!

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