Rockhopper Is Gone

118309362456311-2.jpg  He left while we were on his ship and the connetion was lost.



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7 responses to “Rockhopper Is Gone

  1. soldier12

    goodbye rockhopper

  2. How do you find Rockhopper and make him your buddy

  3. hes gonna be back in a month i dont c why everyone is so sad

  4. they were on his ship when he left and when they log out thed be in rockhoppers ship and it would cause the system to curcit and give dangerous stuff to the cp workers so the made all the mods go to the room of rockhoppers thing on their screens then they press a button then there the room on their screen turns blue and you loose connection on your game thats how they do it

  5. my dad works at jagex and he says a worker worked for new horizon interactive AKA clubpenguin team and he came over once while we lived in new york ( were from england.) and i asked him what happens if ur on rockhoppers ship and he leaves? and he told me what i just said ps. we live in toronto now

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  7. This Is Just A Little PS For Everybody..
    Oh And..

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