This Is Weird

This is something I found in the comments on 


Just an idea shouldnt we have like a hair salon and dentistry???P.S:the weekly poll is awesome!!!!!

Posted by Mafe on 2007-06-26 19:27:04

Cool idea, one of those is already in the works!

Posted by Billybob



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6 responses to “This Is Weird

  1. Kaz

    I thought of that like 4 days ago!

  2. iforgotyournametoo

    what if we had like a chinese food place or somethin

    or karate(its fun!!!!)

  3. Ameogoes

    Yeah i think thoes ideas would be good and helpful around club penguin,it would give us more things to do

  4. rockhopper11217

    I say the ninjas should return.

  5. soldier12

    i would get a mohawk

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