New Room????

There is a new tv that means there will be a new room comment on wat u think it will beagent2.jpg



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23 responses to “New Room????

  1. i think it will be a toy room.

  2. ok here is wat i think will happen i think since there is about to be a big stomr i think it might be…Rockhopper island!!!!!!!!
    here is the reason why to…the same time rockhopper arives the same time a storm shows up at the cove and a new black secreen shows up at the Hq! IT ALL MAKES PERFECT SENSE DONT U THINK!!!!!?!?!?!?!?

  3. it might be the ice berg or something

  4. That is soo coo it is going to be BALLIN! YOU KNOW IT!

  5. bouncyboy321


  6. YOU i know the new room is it might be the campin thing ore something like that!!

  7. ryan

    i think it will be rockhoppers quarters

  8. jake

    i bet it will be a bank

  9. JOE

    no its a sport room i now it is go mme

  10. beefy950

    you know what i think its possible its the ice berg or it could be the swimming pool theres not one there

  11. beefy950

    theres already a sports one

  12. iforgotyournametoo

    idc wat the new room is

  13. iforgotyournametoo

    maybe it will be our own igloos

  14. You know wht?
    I think that it will be a room that will totally blow our heads off!
    I bet that our guesses are NO WHERE CLOSE TO THIS ROOM!

  15. melanie alibutod

    i think it will be something like aunt artic’s room???? it could be or not. well i dont know. i just hope it will come out this month

  16. mrrr kennedy

    the new room will be a hair salon

  17. jeffy11

    i think it could be rockhoppers ship

  18. i think it will be a music room

  19. It will be...

    It will be G’s Room!!! or it could be his house! and get FREE! stuff!!!!!! no lie

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