1,OOO Hits Party Time

My pirate party will be tomorrow I will be my penguin soldier 12. It will be on the american server tundra at the cove at 12:00 pm club penguin time. P.S. wear your pirate gear have fun!!!!!!!!!



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14 responses to “1,OOO Hits Party Time

  1. orangecory

    sure I will come!!!

  2. thanks for inviting me I’ll be coming

  3. Penny3532

    i’ll come 🙂

  4. im so sorry i cant come ill be at school

  5. D V S

    p.s sorry if im late or if I dont show

  6. palmedog

    this is palmedog and ill go and congrats on the 1000 hits.

  7. Hey,

    I almost have 3, 000 hit’s and I’m gonna have a party to….go to http://graser10.wordpress.com for mor information….

    -Graser 10- 8)

  8. xanfer

    awesome. im there

  9. penguin1ninja

    ill come.im Tof Boy

  10. ill be there maybe i might go somewhere

  11. everyone visit ogojoe100.wordpress.com

    ps. he copyed us

  12. NO! I am sorry soldier12 but I also have a friend running helping me. Forget about that. Srry again Soldier12

  13. D v s hacked my penguin my penguin is krustycl but he’s banned now

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