New Rockhopper Page

Im making a rockhopper page to track him down if u see him leave a comment on the page and if i see him ill comment and tell u.



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23 responses to “New Rockhopper Page

  1. tiggax2

    i saw him in snow angel

  2. soldier12

    but he isnt there

  3. soldier12

    if anybody wants to meet me ill be in mammoth with camofrog8 my other penguin

  4. Feathergrl55

    i wish i could see rockhopper. my sister got the eyepatch and i said get on me real quick and she say no. im P.O.’d and i think the rockhopper page will help many ppl like me. im still P.O.’d though >:-(

  5. xanfer

    i remember seeing him somwhere in the dance club

  6. I’ve never seen him plese tell me!

  7. he was in mammoth this morning at 8:30 eastern time.

  8. rockhopper is in mammoth on his ship

  9. soldier12

    visit my party

  10. I found rockhopper at the cove on frostbite

  11. soldier12

    he is not anymore i just checked

  12. I can’t find rockhopper anywhere. I think I’ll go through the survers one at a time and look everywhere… this is gonna take a while…a LONG while.

  13. bill

    looking for rockhopper

  14. amp123

    I need help finding rockhopper, but I’m not able to go on the computer from monday – friday from 7:00am – 3:30pm. Could you PLEASE HELP ME?

  15. amp123

    soldier12 can you help me find Rockhopper before he leaves?

  16. amp123

    hello? does antone come on this site anymore????

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