I Met Rockhopper In Mammoth

rockhopper2.jpgHe is here in mammoth almost 9 club penguin time. CLICK ON PIC TO SEE WHOLE THING!!!



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9 responses to “I Met Rockhopper In Mammoth

  1. where was he wow that is so cool is there any way i can meet him?!

  2. soldier12

    yes u can look around u might find him

  3. soldier12

    im at mammoth on the iceburg if u wanna meet me

  4. soldier12

    but im logged in as camofrog8

  5. miley

    hey where r u know??

  6. miley

    i can’t find u

  7. Penny3532

    cool, for how long was he online? last time he came to cp he was frozen and you can barely see him, except for his hat

  8. soldier12

    yall keep lookin at this site and ill keep u updated

  9. Derek

    This is not real, at all!!!! There was probably someone that put their name as rockhopper!!!

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