I was banned for 43 hours and 6 minutes and I did nothing I came home one day and it said that.



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  1. peanut889

    to get pictures on ur site u need to have paint on ur computer. what u need too do is find print screen key on ur key board but it will probaly look like this PrtScn

    then get where u want to be on cp and hit that key.
    then open up paint and hit paste.
    then dont click out side the picture but move it up and over to the left untill u get it where u want it like probaly if it ids u by a new pin then move it close to u but not realy close
    then click off the picture and and scroll as far right ans u can look all the way off the white to a small bar of gray. there should be a little blue square click and hold it and drag it to where there is no white or gray and let go of it
    do the same for the bottom and the hit file , save as… , and when it shows u documents click my documents and at the bottom it should say save as type find jpeg and name it watever u want
    then go to write for an new post and go under title then go under post and there should be a bar saying upload, browse all,videos, slideshows and under that there should be a blank bar and beside it it says browes click that and find ur pictuer clik on it then click open (it is toward the bottom) it should be in the blank bar find upload not in the blue bar but below that.
    it will upload it and it will show something like this

    Show: Thumbnail
    Title clike the one full size

    Link to: File
    None click none

    then hit send to editor
    look up and u will see the picture under where it says post and a big box underneath that and u do the same for every picture

  2. soldier12

    i do it different nowi go to http://www.lunapic.com

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